Wakelings' shop is in Farncombe, in Surrey - England, and is not far from Charterhouse public school. Farncombe used to be a village but is now part of the town of Godalming.

Our history

Our current shop has been home to a butcher since the turn of the century. Since it opened there have only been three owners. Wakeling's took over the shop in 1952 and when Claude Wakeling retired in 1978 it was run by his son Roger.

Roger Wakeling was a gold medalist and top student at Smithfield College (1964). in 1980 the business won a 'Q' Guild of Butchers award.

In 1996 Country Cooks was set up as a separate partnership working from a kitchen on the same premises. Country Cooks provide top quality catering using the best of Wakelings' meats for ready meals, dinner parties, larger functions, weddings, christenings, funerals, receptions etc..

Our shop has featured in a number of books by well known chefs including Rick Stein, Clarissa Dixon-Wright and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.


Our philosophy

  • We aim to select the very best meat produced by local farmers.

  • We prepare to a high specification food for retail sale, together with products such as sausages, burgers, bacon and hams.

  • We try to give total satisfaction to the customer.

NOTE: We deal where possible directly with the farmer, buying the whole animal and preparing and selling with judicial marketing. This means that we can source our supply and not deal with wholesalers where the source is unknown. This makes our meat and products traceable which is very important in the present food climate.


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