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The items listed below are available in an number of different sizes and weights. If the weight of your order totals more than the maximum weight per piece or pack, it will be prepared as multiple pieces or packs.

Contre fillet of Beef
Subject to availability
The Eye of the Sirloin: boned, rolled and garnished with a thin covering of natural buttery fat for basting.

This famous cut is lean and very easy to carve.

Larder trimmed fillet of Beef

Soft and tender, very lean with a delicate flavour for that very special occasion.
Why not let us prepare it for you?
Maybe for a Chateaubriand for two, or the ultimate Stroganoff. Try it very thinly sliced for Steak Diane, or even paper thin for a delicious Capaccio.

Beef Casserole, Bourguignonne & Goulash

It is not at all ordinary when cut from carefully matured grass-fed beef, for pies, casseroles, or that extra special minced beef.
We will of course be pleased to trim and cube it for you. Why not mix a little diced bacon with it for extra flavour?



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