We pride ourselves in being able to select the finest quality meat. We are very fortunate that our suppliers are some of the best farms around.

Our Beef

Almost all our beef comes from the superb Aberdeen Angus cattle at Lydling Farm in Shackleford, Surrey. Click on their logo below to visit their website.

Our Pork

All our pork comes from the pigs at Plantation Pigs in Shackleford, Surrey. Click on their logo below to visit their website.

We also have saddleback pork available as a seasonal speciality.

Our Lamb and Mutton

Our lamb and mutton comes from a number of farms in the South East and the Orkneys. We select our lamb live from the local farms as and when they have animals ready for sale.

Within the South Downs National Park, South Downs Marketing Group, run by Chris Clark, provides lambs from participating farmers, ensuring the continuance of the traditional farming methods to improve the chalk grassland and using traditional rams of the South Down and Hampshire Down breeds. Louie Andriotti's farm in Lurgashall, provides seasonal lambs.

Our Poultry

Our free-range chickens come from Etherley Farm nr. Ockley, Surrey.

Through the year we get a speciality range of free range chicken from Elmwood Farm in Suffolk.

We have free range eggs available. Also Duck, Guineafowl, Bantom and Goose in season.

Our Game

Our venison comes from local game dealers.

Our wild boar comes from Jay's Farm, Gospel Green, Nr. Haslemere.

Our other meats and poultry

We buy sides of traditional Wiltshire cured bacon from Cases Wiltshire Cure which we then prepare and slice in the shop.

Our veal is supplied from Little Warren Farm near Newick in Sussex. The animals are organically reared and the veal we receive is Soil Association approved.

The rest of our meat and poultry comes from a number of other local farms. At this time they haven't set up websites, so we can't provide links to them.

Our dairy and tracklement products

We get a fine range of tracklements from the Wiltshire Tracklement Company.

Most of our cheeses and dairy products come from Anthony Roecliffe & Son.

Our cream and ice cream comes from Meddow Cottage, Churt.


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